Illuminating Signs & Channel Letters Illuminating Signs & Channel Letters Channel Letter Logo Also known as front channel letter or Front Lit Channel Letter. All the lighted components of this type of letter reside inside each letter and light shows through the front of the letter. Face is fabricated with translucent acrylic. 191105507 Front Lit Channel Letter 191105188 Illuminated LED channel letters Light Box At TMD Signs we are here to accomodate your style and needs. Our expertise and knowledge are always on hand to assist you in making informed decisions about color, lighting, construction and design selections. All letters are wired with UL or ETL approved components. 191105189 Illuminated LED channel letters Light Box 191105190 LED channel letters Light Box 191105191 Front Lit Channel Letter logo If you've ever driven in a city at night, then you know how eye-catching channels letter signs can be. These illuminated signs are one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise your business. Our channel letter signs are meant to light up your place of business. 191105493 Front Lit Channel Letter 191105634 Front Lit Channel Letter 191105494 Front Lit Channel 191105648 Back lit channel logo 193577772 Channel logo non illuminating 193577774 Channel logo non illuminating 193577775 Illuminating Channel logo 193577776 Pylon Illuminated LED channel letters Light Box 195743868 Illuminated LED channel letters Light Box 195743869 LED channel letters Light Box 197928348 Channel Box 202197376 Channel Box 202197377 Pylon Signs 202197378 Pylon Sign 202197379 206181011 206181012 206181013 206181014 206181015 206307566 206307567 206307568 206307569